Outstanding performance is the key to the best playability, and that's what you get with Ezeeplay. A surface that assures the player both solid foot grip and a consistent ball bounce. The court speeds are set according to player demand.


Our acrylic products are made to support high endurance at the top level. Ezeeplay courts boast of extreme playing comforts due to their durability. High pigment & UV resistant colours keep our court bright all year round.


All our systems are certified by ITF for pace 1, Pace 3 & Pace 5. This ensure high quality levels to be maintained at the time of manufacturing and using superior materials.

Quality in Composition

Latex-ite coatings are custom formulated of only the highest quality raw materials. Our laboratory technicians are constantly seeking and testing new materials to enhance and improve the quality and performance of every Latex-ite products. Our dedication to excellence has kept Latex-ite on the cutting edge of court surfacing technology. This is evident in the longevity and beauty of every Latex-ite surface.